Throughout the last century, the number of advancements made in firearms far outpaced the advancements in shot stabilizing devices. Shooters have been waiting for that great leap forward in shooting stability. Well, we believe you’ve waited long enough.

When the shot counts, a stable shooting platform is critical. Your shooting platform should not limit your shot options but rather provide shot versatility. Your platform should also be light weight, sturdy and mobile.

The HAVOK Gun Lasso gun stabilizing device is strong, light wight and provides a stable yet versatile shooting platform. The HAVOK Gun Lasso mounts under the forearm of most any rifle. The milled aluminum housing contains a retractable spool of .9mm 400lb. test line. This line provides the shooter with the ability to shoot the rifle from various suspended positions. It also allows the shooter to stabilize their shot with anchored-line-tension utilizing an unlimited number of objects as line anchors.

The HAVOK Gun Lasso provides the shooter with nearly limitless horizontal and vertical mobility while keeping the weapon stable. This enables the shooter to acquire moving or alternate targets with greater ease and stability than other stabilizing devices. The HAVOK Gun Lasso is also fast to deploy and fast to depart.

With all of the benefits the HAVOK Gun Lasso will bring to your shooting, we are convinced that once it is mounted on your rifle you’ll never take it off. Experienced shooters know that it takes a Steady Aim to achieve a True Shot.

Our goal is to provide shooters with a quality product that enhances accuracy, precision and shot versatility.

At Gun Lasso, we believe that value is best measured by quality. Whether it means craftsmanship, utility, finish, assembly or dependability, quality is obvious in each and every Gun Lasso product.

Steady Aim. True Shot.