Gun Lasso Safety

-Failure to read and follow product instructions and safety warnings
could result in serious bodily injury or death.
-Never wrap this device around a human neck or torso.
-Never conduct a Gun Lasso “hook-up” procedure with a loaded
weapon (See instructions for “hook-up procedures.”)
-Never mount the “HAVOK”Gun Lasso onto a composite pic-rail.
Mount the “HAVOK” Gun Lasso to steel or billet aluminum rails  only.
-Never allow children to play with the “HAVOK” Gun Lasso.
-Do Not attempt to use the “HAVOK” Gun Lasso as a hoisting device.
-This product is designed to improve shooting stability and secure an
unloaded weapon to a vertically oriented object. Do not use for any
other purpose!
-This product is not a safety device and must not be used as such!

From: The National Shooting Sports Foundation
10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling
1. Always Keep The Muzzle Pointed In A Safe Direction
2. Firearms Should Be Unloaded When Not Actually In Use
3. Don’t Rely On Your Gun’s “Safety”
4. Be Sure Of Your Target And What’s Beyond It
5. Use Correct Ammunition
6. If Your Gun Fails To Fire When The Trigger Is Pulled, Handle
With Care!
7. Always Wear Eye And Ear Protection When Shooting
8. Be Sure The Barrel Is Clear Of Obstructions Before Shooting
9. Don’t Alter Or Modify Your Gun, And Have Guns Serviced
10. Learn The Mechanical And Handling Characteristics Of The
Firearm You Are Using

From: The Treestand Manufacturer’s Association
Read: “Treestand Safety Guidelines”

Steady Aim. True Shot.