About The “HAVOK” Gun Lasso

Designed for:
Bolt Action Rifles
Semi Automatic Rifles
Semi Automatic Shotguns
Pump Shotguns
Lever Action Rifles
Cross Bows

Attaches to:
2″ or longer MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail

Designed to:
Improve Stability
Improve Accuracy
Increase Shot Versatilit
Reduce Shooter Fatigue
Reduce Muzzle Rise

Supports shooting from:
Standing Position;
Kneeling Position;
Seated Position
Prone Position;
A Motor Vehicle;
A Helicopter;
A Tree Stand;
A Hunting Shoothouse;
and more.

Common Applications:
Big Game & Varmint Hunting, Turkey Hunting, Sniper Craft, Patrol Rifle, as well as Sport & Competitive Shooting







Steady Aim. True Shot.