Havok Gun Lasso


Trusted by Law Enforcement SWAT Teams & Hunters!

Over Three Years of Development, Testing & Evaluation!


Model: Havok
     1. Havok Gun Lasso Main Unit
         Constructed of precision-machined billet aluminum
     2. 12’ of .9mm 201lb test Lasso Line
     3. Quick Detach Pin
         Constructed of stainless steel
     4. Carabiner/Paracord Adapter
         Constructed of precision-machined billet aluminum
     5. One 24” length of paracord (for adapter)
         Note: Carabiner Not Included

The Havok Gun Lasso is designed for:
Bolt Action Rifles
Semi Automatic Rifles
Cross Bows
Semi Automatic Shotguns
Pump Shotguns
Lever Actions Rifles

The Havok Gun Lasso attaches to:
2” or Longer MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail

The Havok Gun Lasso is designed to:
Improve Stability
Improve Accuracy
Increase Shot Versatility
Reduce Shooter Fatigue
Reduce Muzzle Rise

The Havok Gun Lasso supports shooting from:
Standing Position;
Kneeling Position;
Seated Position;
Prone Position;
A Motor Vehicle;
A Boat;
A Helicopter;
A Tree Stand;
A Hunting Shoot House;
And More.

The Havok Gun Lasso is designed for:
Sniper Craft
Patrol Rifle Use
Big Game Hunting
Varmint Hunting
Turkey Hunting
Sport Shooting
Competitive Shooting


Use & Applications:
Using a firearm, particularly a rifle, has two critical challenges that must
be  overcome.  First,  a  shooter/user  must  establish a stable shooting
platform  in  order   to  take  a  precise  shot.  Second,  a  shooter  must
maintain  vertical  and  horizontal  mobility  in order to acquire a moving
or alternate target. These challenges must be overcome while providing
the  shooter  with  the  versatility  to  shoot  from  the standing, kneeling,
sitting and prone positions.  

Any  device  used  to overcome these challenges must be small, strong,
light, easy to deploy and operate and must attach to the rifle in a simple
but  secure  manner.  The  device  must  also   meet   these  challenges
without  necessarily   being   anchored  to  secondary objects  such  as,
trees,  tree limbs,  posts, etc.,  because  the  operator  may find himself
standing in the open with no proximate object to which he can attach.

An  advantage  of  the  Gun Lasso is that it is useful for many purposes,
e.g., suspending  a  firearm  from  an elevated support while increasing
stability  and  maintaining  vertical  and  horizontal  mobility; attaching a
firearm  to  a  vertical support while increasing stability and maintaining
vertical  and  horizontal  mobility;  utilizing   anchored   line  tension  for
stability  and  maintaining  vertical  and horizontal mobility and securing
an unloaded firearm against a vertically oriented support.
Current  and  past  devices  do not allow for the following wide array of
uses as does the Gun Lasso which include the following:
1) Overhead Loop;
2) Single-line Up;
3) Single-line Down;
4) Single-line to Waist;
5) Single-line to Shoulder;
6) Lateral Single-line;
7) Lateral Loop;
8) Prone Foothold;
9) Secure Line.