Gun Lasso

$ 249.99

Trusted by Law Enforcement SWAT Teams & Hunters!

Over Three Years of Development, Testing & Evaluation!


Model: HAVOK


     1. HAVOK Gun Lasso Main Unit
     2. 12’ of .9mm 201lb test Lasso Line
     3. Stainless Steel Quick Detach Pin
     4. Carabiner/Paracord Adapter
     5. One 24” length of paracord (for adapter)
         Note: Carabiner Not Included

HAVOK Gun Lasso Specifications:
Precision-machined Billet Aluminum
Length: 3 1/8"
Width: 2.5"
Height: 2"
Weight: 14oz
Color: Black


The HAVOK Gun Lasso is designed for:
Bolt Action Rifles
Semi Automatic Rifles
Cross Bows
Semi Automatic Shotguns
Pump Shotguns
Lever Actions Rifles

The HAVOK Gun Lasso attaches to:
2” or Longer MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail

The HAVOK Gun Lasso is designed to:
Improve Stability
Improve Accuracy
Increase Shot Versatility
Reduce Shooter Fatigue
Reduce Muzzle Rise

The HAVOK Gun Lasso supports shooting from:
Standing Position;
Kneeling Position;
Seated Position;
Prone Position;
A Motor Vehicle;
A Boat;
A Helicopter;
A Tree Stand;
A Hunting Shoot House;
And More.

The HAVOK Gun Lasso is designed for:
Sniper Craft
Patrol Rifle Use
Big Game Hunting
Varmint Hunting
Turkey Hunting
Sport Shooting
Competitive Shooting


Use & Applications:
An  advantage  of  the  Gun Lasso is that it is useful for many purposes,
e.g., suspending  a  firearm  from  an elevated support while increasing
stability  and  maintaining  vertical  and  horizontal  mobility; attaching a
firearm  to  a  vertical support while increasing stability and maintaining
vertical  and  horizontal  mobility;  utilizing   anchored   line  tension  for
stability  and  maintaining  vertical  and horizontal mobility and securing
an unloaded firearm against a vertically oriented support.